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Social Curry is a private social networking App designed for urban Indian dwellings. Use the App to know what’s happening within your society, around your neighbourhood and in your city.

Get to know your neighbours, start a discussion involving everyone or chat privately. Contribute to conversations that interest you. Join a group or start one to engage people with similar interests. Find service providers recommended by other residents.

Addresses are verified so that you can interact with other residents freely. Connect and participate to make your community stronger and your neighbourhood safer.


Apartment Complexes

Organize the community to better utilize shared resources

Gated Communities

Engage better and create shared resources for the community

Independent Homes

Know the people in your colony and share resources as a community



Know your neighbours


Private Messages



Service Providers



Saina Mehta

Saina Mehta

Great to feel at home!

I just moved in and feel right at home! The App shows me all my neighbours and the interest groups within my society. I can now keep up to date on the local scene and also meet with like minded families nearby.
Urvashi Kaul

Urvashi Kaul

Neighbours are a great help!

I found a math tutor through someone in my society and get lots of information on kid's activities and classes. Social Curry has made it really easy to tap into the local information network. Just log on and ask a neighbour!
Anupam Singhal

Anupam Singhal

Make your RWA truly representative!

Social Curry has boosted the RWA's engagement with residents. A secure platform with verified users, it allows us to discuss issues openly, keep people informed of new initiatives and take their opinion on important matters.

About Us

Social Curry was started with the goal of making all of the daily lives of Indians more fulfilling. We aim to help neighbours support one another in their day to day activities. Whether it be finding the ideal after school classes for their kids, growing your friend network, collaborating on issues that impact the community or organizing get-togethers that bring them closer.

We are driven to put in place a great platform to capture and share tribal knowledge that exists in each Indian neighbourhood, so all of us feel more at home in the places we live.

Social Curry

Much of urban India lives in gated communities such as apartment complexes or in organized colonies. Social Curry aims to create India’s first “real” social network that helps nearby residents within these neighbourhood communities to connect and engage better. We are leveraging technology to help neighbours make the most of where they live making their neighbourhoods stronger and safer. Social Curry is an early stage product startup with a mobile app and a platform. Our product is a private social network for neighbors to get to know one another, communicate about local issues and leverage tribal knowledge to get access to valuable resources.
Social Curry
Social CurryWednesday, February 21st, 2018 at 6:37pm
#BooksToRemember Set in #Switzerland, this classic work was originally written in #German in 1880–81.

Celebrate this heart-warming tale and others that you would like younger generations to enjoy. Join your #Gurgaon #neighbours on Social Curry & revisit the ‪#‎childrensbooks you miss!

Download the app here:

#JohannaSpyri #Heidi #‎childrensliterature
Social Curry
Social CurryMonday, February 19th, 2018 at 6:32pm
#NeighboursWhoInspire “I love Yoga, I live Yoga; Yoga is my life.”

This is the mantra of a high energy individual who has carved out an identity for himself as a #PowerYoga expert in #Gurgaon and #NewDelhi!

Meet Arya Kharb, founder of Arya Power Yoga Academy, one of the favourite destinations of Gurgaon residents who are earnestly pursuing health and fitness goals.

#Yoga has brought clarity and purpose to Arya’s life. You are sure to get inspired by his commitment to this discipline!

Read his full interview on Social Curry!

Download the app here:
Social Curry
Social CurryFriday, February 16th, 2018 at 6:29pm
#Gurgaon parents, learn tricks to decode one of the most common discomforts kids complain of.

It's quite a challenge, what with causes and effects ranging from trivial to rather serious.

Benefit from insights by parents & experts in your neighbourhood, only on the Social Curry app!

Discover #parenting tips, ask questions, and share what works for you, on the app's 'Parents Corner'.

Download the app here:
Social Curry
Social CurryWednesday, February 14th, 2018 at 6:31pm
Looking for a way to generate enthusiasm around your society event?

Tap into your real social network…your neighbours!

Share the event details on Social Curry and invite people living near you!

Instantly hear back from neighbours excited to participate.

Download the app here:
Social Curry
Social CurryWednesday, February 14th, 2018 at 6:30pm
#WinterFood Before you know it, #winters will be gone and #Holi will be here!

One last time this season, enjoy delicacies inspired by chilly evenings!

From no fuss dinners to soup-meals, native Indian curries to French & Russian classics, cold & cough home remedies to bonfire snacks...#Gurgaon folks on the Social Curry app had many recipes to choose from!

Social Curry is your neighbourhood network; turn #neighbours into #friends here!

To connect with neighbours through #AllThingsFood, join the action in the Curry Leaves group of the Social Curry app!

Download the app here:
Social Curry
Social CurryMonday, February 12th, 2018 at 6:31pm
News from the 69th #RepublicDay celebrations of the #HaryanaGovernment!

Congratulations & felicitations to the #wastemanagement warriors from #NirvanaCountry and #GurgaonOne, for achieving #zerowaste status!

Keep it up #Gurgaon!

Now #neighbours share queries, tips and views to make their area #green, through Social Curry’s ‘Green Waste Management’ group! Are you here yet?

Download the app here:

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